Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back from Dutchland!

I'm officially back in the states! Words cannot express how amazing Holland was. I have fallen in love with that country like no other. The country, architecture, and landscape are beautiful, but the people there are more precious than anything! The missionaries that we were serving over there are Steve and Julie Kramer. Steve is absolutely hilarious! And Julie is the sweetest person that has ever walked this planet. She has such a servant's heart. I also had the priviledge of meeting two amazing girls named Rebecca and Trinke. They both love the Lord and we bonded right away. They told me how difficult it was to be a Christian in a country like Holland. People there are very private, and even if they are Christians, they tend to not mix "religion" with their everyday's considered their personal life. This made me so sad, because if you're a Christian, Jesus IS your life! But that's just not something everyone understands over there. We went prayer walking around the city of Groningen (where we stayed the whole week), and we could definitely feel the deadness. It is such a cold city that desperately needs the Light of the Lord.

This is Trinke, Danielle, Rebecca, Ruthie, and me on the island of Schiermonnikoog.

We all had so much fun over there. We did some unexpected things like, watched a football (soccer) game and biked around an island for an entire day. Steve and Julie took great care of us and made sure we never got worn out. We also did a not-so-fun thing. The Dutch love to eat raw red herring. They literally take the fish, chop off its head, scrape the scales off, and top it with chopped onions. Steve insisted that the whole team try it and just count it as a cultural experience. So we did. I can say without a doubt that it was the most horrible thing I have ever eaten! The taste wasn't too bad, but the texture almost made me throw up. It was slimy and watery, and disgusting! But I guess now I can say that I've had Dutch red herring...not many others can say that!

Overall, the trip was absolutely awesome! The Lord guided us through the entire week and opened up conversations and brought people our way that really needed to hear the word of God. I know that He has huge plans for Groningen. There is something about that city that makes me think the Lord is about to break through the flood gates and sweep over that city. The only problem right now is that there is no one there to help Steve and Julie. They have intense visions for that city, they just don't have anyone to carry them out. He is so desperate for a team of Sam Houston Chi Alpha students to go out there for at least a year. And I really want to be on that team. I have already committed to giving a year somewhere, and after seeing the needs of that city, my heart is there. I feel like I left a piece of it when we left. I miss Rebecca and Trinke and that city so much already! ...And I've only been gone for 6 days!! I'm praying that it's in God's will for me to go back, because there is almost nothing else I would rather do. Please pray for Groningen and the Kramer's! =)

All of us and Steve (on the bike) in front of a grocery store on the Vismarkt (fish market).

The streets of Groningen at night. Isn't it gorgeous?!

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